Epitaphs: {IV}


Passed too many ersatz
Drafts upon
One bank or another
To aid the poor
In Jesus’ name
Or at least that’s
What she said
While it’s been taught
Walked on water
It’s doubtful He ever

Epitaphs: {III}


Ever the optimist
Always looked at the
Bright side of things
Searched for
The silver lining
But failed to consider
It matters naught
That the glass
Is half full
Or half empty
The trick is to
Not spill it


Epitaphs: The Prologue


An enlightened valley no longer
Wholly in the light
What once held earthly wisdom
Lies deep in epoch depths
A town below, a graveyard buried
Not by dirt, but
Submerged by water dammed
Drowning life, flooding death
To electrify
The rest that never sleep 

Epitaphs: The Intro (Part 4)

This is a follow-up to previous posts. Please scroll down to catch the beginning.

Originally stashed in twenty or so imperfectly sealed canning jars, these were presumably lost when the New Reservoir inundated our valley and all of its existing structures. Amazingly, they were found and retrieved by a young scuba diver friend of mine after lying there in the mud for over half a century. I managed to reconstruct most of the fragments from two of the containers despite considerable water damage. Though painstaking, it was nonetheless a rewarding process spurred by the notion that these revelations from a different — yet not  so different — era might amuse as well as persuade us all to ponder the ironies of our human nature.


Epitaphs: The Intro (Part 3)

This is a follow-up to previous posts. Please scroll down to catch the beginning.

Periodically, this custom was carried over to after-hours and involved a loosely dedicated group self-dubbed the “Three O’Clock Watch.”  Only, in this case, the so-called epitaphs became exaggerated accounts based on doubtful rumors and questionable hearsay at the expense of others who were no longer living and therefore unable to offer rebuttal. Not exactly sporting of us.

[to be continued . . . ]