For What It’s Worth:


One Remarkable Day
A Cadre Of “Noble” Laureates
Combing Through The Fabric
Of Life And Universal Meaning
Discovered A Loose Thread
That Begged Tugging —
And Thus They Unraveled
The Essence Of Everything
That Is . . .
Atom By Atom
Minim By Minim
Jot By Jot

4 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth:

  1. Actually, the poem itself is somewhat esoteric. It references science’s role
    in helping us to understand how our universe came to be and functions. From
    atoms, to subatomic particles, to quarks, string theory, and even–believe it
    or not–the concept of points. However, since science is supposed to be objective
    rather than subjective, it tends to not address important social issues. But as
    you say, human rights, the environment, climate change, universal health care,
    and gender equality are all issues that should be addressed. But politics has a
    bad habit of interfering with what is best for the MAJORITY. And guess what?
    There are politicians who actually resort to using questionable “scientific”
    opinion instead of inarguable scientific facts to promote the agenda of certain
    special interest groups. Instead of truly representing the people who voted them
    into office.

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